Ground Breaking Technology

Through groundbreaking research, we created a platform that can train any Deep Learning model directly on edge devices.

We developed the world’s first enterprise-facing framework which allows a network of devices to learn and store data independently and collaboratively by utilising the network edge.

What is ‘the edge’?

Edge computing is when information processing occurs close to ‘the edge’ of the network — where things and people produce or consume that information. ‘The edge’ brings computation and data storage closer to the devices where it’s being gathered. Decentralising the data, especially real-time data like at the till, removes the delays that can affect performance. In addition, edge computing is much more secure.

Edgifys Ground Breaking Framework

Continuous Learning

Our AI model continuously and automatically improves its data base on current and new items.

Collaborative Learning

Edgify AI automatically shares data between devices in-store and across various site locations.


Serverless AI

Easy retrofitting means there’s no need to spend on new hardware or infrastructure

Where can Edgify’s solution be used?

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X-ray machines and CT scans learning how to identify pathologies on their own is just what the doctor ordered. Especially as no medical or personal data leaves the devices. By training AI models using personal medical history files at the Edge, privacy is maintained and AI models can start identifying any type of pathology at close to perfect accuracy. The perfect cure for costly inefficiencies.

Edgify Medical:
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Smart devices are even smarter when they communicate with each other. With Edgify, your fridge, TV, heating control and voice assistant train their own models and then share them around the house for a more intelligent overall solution. Increasing harmony in the home and making life easier for everyone.

Edgify Smart Home:
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Thousands of sensors monitor everything from soil to rainfall. That’s a problem when massive amounts of data need to be uploaded to the cloud to create AI models. Let Edgify speed up this automation process. Our Edge technology enables all sensors to train themselves on the data they generate and then share their models between them, giving you better control of everything but the weather.

Edgify Agriculture:
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Every hour of driving data takes ten hours to upload to the cloud. No wonder most Connected Car companies use less than 1% of the data they generate to train their AI models. By-passing the cloud, Edgify can move you into the fast lane, training a model based on 100% of the data generated and sharing it with other cars. That’s literally a hundred times better!

Edgify Connected Cars:
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Making light work of heavy industry, Edgify’s solution can solve massive AI pain points for today’s smart manufacturing organisations. Engineers can use hand-held devices to identify spare parts in milliseconds and ensure every new product passes the visual quality check. Our solution easily integrates into the chipset of the cameras and allows these devices to train as they go.

Edgify Manufacturing:
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